District Policy Manual

WASB Policy # Subject
100-199 Board Operations
200-299 Administration
300-399 Instruction
400-499 Students
500-599 Personnel
600-699 Fiscal Management
700-799 Support Services
800-899 School-Community Relations
900-999 Facilities Development

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Board Operations

110: Philosophy of Education
133: Board Vacancy
165: Conflict of Interest
187: Public Participation at Board Meeting


Administration Job Descriptions (232)

Assistant for Business Affairs
Elementary School Principal
High School Principal
Middle School Dean of Students
Middle School Principal



330: Curriculum Review
334: GHS Media
335: Rights to Instructional Products
341.33: Wellness
341.33(b): Wellness Assessment
342: EEN Handbook
342: Independent Educational Evaluation
342: Special Education Evaluation Criteria
342.1: District Philosophy for Serving EEN Students
342.1: Technology Concerns for EEN Students
342.1: Title I Comparability
342.12: No Child Left Behind Parent Notification
342.51: Title I Parent/Family Engagement
342.6: Definition of an Alternative Education Full-time Student
342.6: Alternate Credit
342.6: Home-Based Educational Program
342.7: Response to Intervention
343.46: Dual College Credit
345.1: GHS Grading
345.2: Academic Alert
345.4: Academic Acceleration and Early High School Graduation
345.4: Grade Promotion-Retention 2002-2003 Explanation
345.4: Grade Promotion-Retention Graph
345.4: Middle School Grade Promotion-Retention
345.4: Middle School Grade Promotion-Retention Chart
345.4: High School Grade Promotion
345.4: Retention
345.4 Routine Admission to 4K
345.4 Grade Promotion Policy for Kindergarten
345.6: Graduation Policy Flow Chart
345.6: High School Graduation Credits
345.6: iForward HS Graduation Credits
345.61: Early Graduation
345.61: HS Graduation Credit to Students in 7th or 8th Grade
346: Assessment
346: School Performance Report
346: Testing of Students With Exceptional Educational Needs
346: Testing of Students With Limited English Proficiency
346.1: Accountability
347: Form for Release of Directory Data
347: Student Records
347.1: Public Records Information
347.2: Public Records Requests Administrative Procedures
352: Meal Allowance for Students Who Participate at State-Level Activities
352.1: Field Trips and Extended Travel
355: Service Learning
355.1: Community Service - GHS
361.2: Materials Selection
361.4: Computer Software Usage
363.3: Blogging
363.32: Blogging - Staff
371: Student Clubs
371.1: Compliance With Equal Access Act
377: Athletic/Co-Curricular Code
377: Lakeland Conference Constitution
377.1 State Tournament Policy
381: Student Academic Freedom and Controversial Topics
381.1: Federal Religion Guidelines
383: Therapy Dogs



411: Human Fairness Plan
411: Student Nondiscrimination Notice
411.1: Student Harassment
411.1: Harassment Policy Complaint Procedure
412.1: Full Time Student Definition
420.1: Homeless Education
421: Elementary School Admissions
423: Open Enrollment
426: iForward Resident District Online Enrollment
430: Attendance
430: Pupil Attendance and Truancy
431: Compulsory School Attendance
434.2: Closed Campus
443.3: Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs
443.4: Smoke and Tobacco-Free Environment
443.6: Weapons
443.7: Bullying Prevention
444: School Age Parent Program
446.1: Locker and Student Searches
447: Code of Conduct
447: Discipline
447.1: Corporal Punishment and Physical Management
447.3: Suspension and Expulsion
453: Lice Guidelines
453: Pest Management
453.1: Emergency Care
453.11: Defibrillator
453.2: Immunization
453.3: Infectious Disease Outbreak Readiness Plan
453.4: School Medication
453.61: Food Allergy
454.1: Guidelines for Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
454.2: Mandatory Reporting
457: Suicide Prevention
457.1: Memorialization
460: Student Awards and Scholarships
460.1: Valedictorian - Academic Excellence Scholarship
460.2: Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship



512: Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
512: Sexual Harassment Policy
522.1: Drug-Free Workplace Policy
522.4: Ethics and Conduct Toward Co-Workers
522.5: Political Activities of Staff
522.7: Acceptable Use Of Technology
522.71: Social Media and Communication Devices
523.1: Health Examinations
527: Grievance Procedure

531: Teacher Job Descriptions

Athletic Director
Community Education Coordinator
Director of Special Education/School Psychologist
Early Childhood
Elementary Counselor
Equity Coordinator
Exceptional Education Teacher
Forensics Director
Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Gifted Student Aide
Guidance Counselor
High School Dean of Students
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Interpreter for Hearing Impaired
Job Target/Children at Risk Coordinator
LD, ED, CD Teacher
Library Media Specialist
Reading Specialist
School to Work Coordinator
Speech and Language Clinician
Summer School Director
Title I Staff

532: Worker's Comp Time
532.2: Comp Time
532.3: Family Leave
533: Teacher Employment
534: Substitutes
534: Substitutes, Non-teacher
535.2: Athletics Program - Middle School
535.2: Cheerleader Advisor
535.2: Freshman Class Advisor
535.2: Junior Class Advisor
535.2: Senior Class Advisor
535.2: Sophomore Class Advisor
536.3: Retired Annuitant
537.1: Flexible Inservice Guidelines
537.1: Professional Development
538: Professional Staff Evaluation

541: Non-Teaching Job Descriptions

Accounting and Payroll Clerk
Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant
Cook - Breakfast
Cook - Elementary
Cook - Middle School
Cook - Nelson
Cook's Helper and Delivery Person
Cook's Helper, Elementary
Cook's Helper, Middle School
Coordinator of Volunteers
Custodian, Elementary and High School Head
Custodian, High School Second Shift
Custodian, Middle School Head
Crowd Control/Ticket Taker
Executive Secretary
Food Service Director
Head Coach
Head Cook Assistant
Head Cook
Instructional and Clerical Aide, Regular Ed
Instructional and Clerical Aide, Special Ed
Secretary, Elementary and Nelson
Secretary, Middle School
Secretary, Middle School - 10 months

542.3: Unpaid Leave
543: Hiring Policy for Non-instructional Vacancies
545.1: Memo to Second Shift Custodians
545.1: Support Staff Breaks and Lunch Periods
545.1: Support Staff Lunch Period Time Memo
545.1: Telecommuting Policy - iForward


Fiscal Management

600.1: Asset Management Policy
640: Fiscal Agent
657: Grant Administration
657: Federal Time and Effort Policy and Procedures
661.1: Purchase Order
661.2: Purchase Ordering Procedures
662.1: Fund Raising
662.1: Student Activity Accounts
662.3: Fund Balance
663.4: Assistive Technology
671.1: iForward Travel
672.1: Bidding Procedures
672.1: Procurement
673: Hand Payment
683: OPEB Investment Policy Statement
685: Fraud Prevention
685: Code of Conduct
690: Disposition of Non-Capital Property


Support Services

723.3: School Closing Procedures
723.6: Flu Pandemic
731.2: School Use of Video Surveillance Equipment
731.31: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
750: Transportation for Children With Exceptional Educational Needs
750: Transportation Rule for Village Students
751: Bus Transportation Rules and Regulations
751.1: Transportation Drop-off
751.5: Parents Transporting Students to School Activities
753: School Van
753: Use of School Van
763: Meal Charging
771.1: Use of Copyrighted Materials


School-Community Relations

811.1: Parent Involvement
820: Electronic Sign
821.1: Student Input in District Publications
821.4: Web Pages
823: Email Archiving and Retention
824: Records Retention | Wisconsin Schedule
830: Auditorium Use
830: Facility Use
830: Kitchen Facility Use
851: Advertising and Promotion I
851: Advertising and Promotion II
870: Public Complaints
880.1: Volunteers
881.1: Booster and Parent Organization Relations
883: Relations with Community Activities and Families
891: Inter-Library Resource Sharing
891.2: Relations With Private School and Homeschool Students


Facilities Development